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The Frightened Little Flower Bud

The Frightened Little Flower Bud - Renée Paule, G R Hewitt

There's a Goodreads giveaway just started for The Frightened Little Flower Bud (Ends Oct 15th) This giveaway is not open to people in the US or Canada as it's a British spelling version.


There will be another giveaway shortly for an American version The Fearful Little Flower Bud (begins 16th October - ends 15th November 2017. This giveaway will be open to everyone.


Unfortunately, Goodreads will not allow the two giveaways to run concurrently.


This book is for ages 4 to 99+


The story begins with a seed landing in a pretty garden where it begins to grow and eventually forms a little flower bud. But, the little flower bud becomes frightened of things she ‘hears on the wind’; such as the sun that might scorch her petals, the rain that might spoil them, the wind that might blow them away - so the flower doesn’t want to bloom. However, all flowers must bloom, and as the little flower bud opens her petals she overcomes her fears one by one.


The more we think about our fears, the more they overwhelm us. This book teaches children (of all ages) that fear is just a feeling that holds them back from living their lives to the full.


To add to the fun and develop observational skills there’s a ‘Did You See?’ activity page at the back with objects from the book that children may not have noticed whilst reading it. There are also some simple questions that can be asked of children, encouraging them to think about what they’ve read. The skill level required is ‘easy’.


Best of luck to you all <3