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I now have two giveaways up for my new book Stepping Out of Time which will be released on the 21st April 2017. Both giveaways end on the 21st April 2017


 Goodreads Giveaway     Booklikes Giveaway 

I'm always looking for reviewers so if you have a record for reviewing please contact me.

I’ve also made a pre-order ebook version available at various outlets including Smashwords and iTunes


PLEASE NOTE: ebooks are not illustrated.


This is the blurb:

Enquiring further into the subject of human conditioning - and beyond - Renée Paule takes us past another milestone on her continuing journey of self-reflection, wherein she looks at and discusses the society created and sustained by us. As with Renée’s previous books, her unique perspective gives no answers and is self-help in its purist form - sympathetically encouraging you to think for yourself. Have you ever wondered ‘What am I doing here?’ or ‘Who am I?’, if so this book may help you to realise that you’re not alone with these thoughts or in being frustrated by the maze of conflicting information we’re directed towards when we ask questions. Illustrated throughout with the author’s original character ‘Dilly’, topics including ‘The Control Conundrum’, ‘Endurance’ and ‘Know Thyself’ are considered in a non-conventional way that is both refreshing and thought-provoking. Stepping out of Time reaches into where we hide and invites us to tread, if somewhat reluctantly, where we fear to. Ultimately, you may discover that it isn’t answers you are looking for, but yourself.


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