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My New Book's Progress

Hi All,
This post was originally published on the 2nd March on Goodreads but for some reason not appeared here; I guess I must post them manually.

I aimed to publish my new book by the end of May 2015 but that’s fast becoming an unrealistic date and it’s more likely to be out in the autumn. As I said in my previous post, this one’s a tough one and as usual, my mind keeps interrupting me with things that may well turn out to be far less important; I do, however, have to keep going with that heartfelt flow.

One of those ‘things’ is an understanding of photography and in particular, shutter, aperture, white balance and ISO settings. Only the Universe knows why this has come into my field of vision and it’s helping me a great deal to understand what the human eye ‘sees’ or more accurately doesn’t see; the eye is the most powerful completely automatic ‘camera’ in existence. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get technical in this book (tech is not me) but it’s all helping to change my ‘point of view’ and to remove more of that wonderful ‘conditioning’ that we’ve all absorbed; in particular it challenges the old adage ‘seeing is believing’.

Chapters written so far are;
Sensation, Desire and Relevant Reflections
Am I Good Enough?
What’s it all About? (almost complete)
Surrender (almost complete)
I’ve also created several new Dilly illustrations and I’m working on more.

Keep up-to-date with my progress on My website. I update a ‘flip_book’ on it all the time.

title is still a secret

The cover is a clue to the title :)

Much love as always …

Renée Paule