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Lost For Words

Lost For Words - Deric Longden Longden gets straight to the bottom of things from the start with what I consider to be one of the best openings I've ever read in a book. Longden's description of the 'unmistakable backside' of his mother barging its way into Marks and Spencers and her antics on the escalator with a pot of cherry yogurt left me in stitches!

You'll be charmed by this ageing protagonist as her philosophy and unique brand of wisdom unfold. Her cats, plants and 'addiction' to copious quantities of 'Buttercup Syrup' combined with her unique way of 'selling' her house to potential buyers (by pointing out all its faults) cannot fail to amuse.

This book highlights the difficulties of declining into dementia from the point of view of her loving son who is also coping with the tragic loss of his wife and the difficulties of having a new partner who is blind.
The TV film based on this book seriously missed the 'plot'.